Events @ DJAME

Events @ DJAME

14th February 2019
Corporate Connect – Sri C R Shiv Kumaran, Company Secretary, Lakshmi Machine Works Limited, Coimbatore

9th February 2019
Corporate Connect – Sri C Palani, Group Head – HR, Lakshmi Electrical Control Systems Limited, Coimbatore

25th January 2019
DJ Brain Teasers 2019 – Annual Quiz Event

22nd January 2019
Corporate Connect – Sri M V Vasudevan, Former Sr.Vice President and Head – HR, Parryware Roca Bathroom Products Pvt Limited, Chennai

08th January 2019
CFOs Connect (Panel Discussion) – Sri C B Chandrasekar, Chief Financial Officer, Lakshmi Machine Works Limited, Coimbatore, Sri S A Gopalakrishnan, Director-Finance, Pricol Corporate Services, Coimbatore and Sri K Ravi, Sr.VP-Finance, Roots Group of Companies, Coimbatore

24th December 2018
CXO Connect – Dr N Raveendran, Chief Information Officer, Sakthi Finance Limited, Coimbatore

21st December 2018
Corporate Connect – Sri T V Suranarayanan, Head – HR, S P Apparels Limited, Coimbatore

16th November 2018
Alumni Connect – Ms S Kiruthiga, Mr M Pasupathy, Mr S Sangeeth Kumar and Mr Upendra R Nath, Lakshmi Machine Works Limited, Coimbatore

24th October
CXO Connect – Sri Ashwin Chandran, Chairman & Managing Director, Precot Meridian Limited, Coimbatore

6th October 2018
Corporate Connect – Dr L Jayarangan, Start-Up Consultant, Coimbatore

28th September 2018
E – Connect – Sri V Senthil Kumar, Managing Director, Propel Industries Pvt. Limited, Coimbatore

26th September 2018
Industry Visit – Sakthi Sugars Limited – Soya Division, Pollachi

22nd September 2018
Corporate Connect – Sri R Dilip Kumar, Senior Manager – IT, Lakshmi Machine Works Limited, Coimbatore

19th September 2018
Corporate Connect – Dr Arunaagiri Mudaaliar, Chairman & Chief Mentor, E Cube India (Pvt) Limited, Mumbai

08th September
Industry Visit – Lakshmi Machine Works Limited – Machine Tool Division, Coimbatore

30th & 31st August 2018
Outbound Learning Programme @ National Adventure Leadership School, Coonoor

29th August 2018
Corporate Connect – Mr Biju Velayudhan, Director – Operations, GKNMH, Coimbatore

28th August 2018
CXO Connect – Sri Sanjay Jayavarthanavelu, Chairman & Managing Director, Lakshmi Machine Works Limited, Coimbatore

25th August
Industry Visit – GKD Institute for Technological Resources, GKDITR Tooling Centre and Quattro Engineering India Limited, Coimbatore

23rd August 2018
Academic Connect – Prof S Balaram, Dean, D J Academy of Design, Coimbatore

13th August 2018
Inauguration of 18th Batch MBA Programme

12th August 2018
Academic Connect – Prof V Mohan Chandra, Dean – Business Design & Innovation, Prin.L.N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Bengaluru