“Triple I” Lecture by Mr. Chandrasekhar on the Balanced Score Card

Sri C.B.Chandrasekar,Chief Financial Officer, Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd., shared some insights and experiences
with DJAME MBA students on 03.11.2017 about the topic”Balanced Scorecard implementation”. After an overview of the “Balanced Scorecard” (BSC) and the need for such a performance evaluation system in today’s corporate scenario. he delved on the hierarchy of factors contributing to the successful implementation of a particular strategy.

The greatest challenge to a BSC system, he pointed out, is to realise it till the bottom most level, the frontline operators. He also elaborated on incorporating qualitative KPIs and people dependent factors
in the BSC evaluation system. 

Mr. Chandrasekhar also shared sample balanced scorecards from various departments to provide an idea of the concept of BSC in practice.

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