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Capacity building and skill enhancement initiatives


Career Development Centre of the Academy offers various Capacity Building & Skill Enhancement Initiatives for all students in order to improve their skill sets and broaden their employment potential. Trainers are invited to conduct various skill development & life skill enhancement programs during various phases of their life @ DJAME


  • To provide training in market relevant skills that commensurate with the expectations of the industry.
  • To boost morale of students and help them discover their hidden talents & interests.
  • To prepare students for an exceptional corporate life and responsible & active social life.


Training Hour’s meant for placement readiness programme are earmarked in the timetable. The placement officer, Class in charges, and institution head will sit together and chalk out various activities to be conducted.
Series of training activities in soft skills, communication skills, aptitude personality development & Mock interviews were conducted by experts in the field to make student’s placement ready.

Due to covid restrictions we were not able to fit many programmes into the time table, but were done on the basis of availability of the resource person.