As an Institute dedicated to Managerial Excellence, DJAME is not only interested in shaping outstanding Managers for the world of business but also strives to play a role in producing outstanding Researchers and Educators in the field of Management. With this, objective in view, the Institute has been offering M.Phil and Ph.D programmes in Management (both full-time and part-time) since 2007, when it was recognized by the Bharathiar University as a Centre for Research in the area of Management. Candidates can pursue research in the following areas: Marketing, Human Resources and Behavioural Science, Finance and Information Systems.

Till date, DJAME has produced 9 Ph.D and 15 M.Phil Scholars with 15 more currently pursuing their Doctoral programmes.

List of Scholars Awarded PhD Degrees

No. Name Guide Awarded
1 Savithri .J.J. Dr.P.T Saleendran 11.05.13
2 Sujatha. S Dr.P.T Saleendran 22.06.13
3 Devasenathipathi. T Dr.P.T Saleendran 14.05.14
4 Jayanthi. R Dr.P.T Saleendran 15.05.14
5 Thamaraiselvi. P Dr.P.T Saleendran 28.07.14
6 Sumitha Benet Metilda. S Dr.P.T Saleendran 31.07.14
7 Latha. D.S. Dr.P.T Saleendran 11.08.14
8 Sharmila. R Dr.N.PremAnand 04.09.15
9 Anand. N.A. Dr.P.T Saleendran 22.02.16
10 Aruna Devi K.C Dr.K.Sunitha 13.07.17
11 Visalatchi E Dr D M Navarasu 28.07.17
12 Sridhar V Dr D M Navarasu 28.04.18
13 Dilip D Dr D M Navarasu 11.07.18
14 Chitra R Dr.P.T Saleendran 10.08.18
15 Ilayasankar.S Dr.P.T.Saleendran 08.02.19
16 Sangeetha. P Dr. K. Sunitha 10.06.19
17 Nagaprakash T Dr. V.Latha 29.11.19
18 Johnsi. S Dr. K. Sunitha 09.11.20
19 Maharayazh Mozhi S Dr.D.M.Navarasu 24.3.21

The following faculty members of the Institute have been granted approval by the Bharathiar University to guide candidates for both M.Phil and Ph.D degrees in Management.

Candidates desirous of registering for M.Phil and PhD programmes, may contact Dr J J Savithri, Head, Centre for Research for further details.