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Faculty Publications

Faculty Publications

Dr. Deepa Venugopal
  • ‘Intellectual capital and value creation efficiency- An empirical investigation into the Intellectual Capital and Financial performance of Indian software industry’, European Journal of Social Sciences, 2012,   33 No 1 pp. 119 – 132.
  • ‘Measuring Intellectual Capital – The Key to Innovation and Sustainability’, Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, August 2016, Vol. 6, No. 8, pp. 1097-1114.
  • ‘Data Envelopment Analysis Approach to Performance Efficiency of Intellectual Capital – Case of Titan Company Limited’ – SDMIMD Journal of Management 2018′, Vol.9, Issue 1.
Prof. S.Johnsi
  • ‘Environmental & Social Forces In Multi-disciplinary research’, Journal of Contemporary Research PSG-IM, 2007.
  • ‘A comparative analysis of the investment avenues’, Personal Financial Management 2016.
  • ‘A study on the effect of Macro Economic Variables on the Indian Stock Market.’, Journal of Management & Science, 2017.
Dr. M.K.M.Manikandan
  • Role of retailer equity on private label brand’s attitude – A SEM approach’, Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities 2016, Vol. 3 no. 8, pp.
  • ‘Factors Influencing Consumer shopping between stores located in Mall and Central Business District – A Comparative Study’, Gyandheep 2014, Vol I (2), pp.52-61. ISSN-2250-3374.
  • ‘A Study on Identification of Consumer Groups buying at Apparel Retail Store – A Cluster Analysis’, Ushus-Journal of Business Management 2013, Issue 24, Vol 12, No4.
  • ‘ Theory Building on Private Label Brands- A Literature Review’, IUP Journal of Brand Management 2012, Vol IX (2),pp.64-77.
  • ‘Factors Influencing Consumers Shopping in a Mall Based Store – An Empirical Study’ , International Journal of Marketing and Technology 2012, Vol II(6) pp. 158-166. ISSN- 2249 1058.
  • ‘The Making of a Resilient Brand, June 2005, Marketing Mastermind.
Dr. A.G.V. Narayanan
  • ‘Modelling clearance sales shopping behaviour’ , International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, 2010, Vol.4, No.5, pp.451 – 474.
  • ‘A study on customer perception towards general insurance products (livestock and crop insurance) with special reference to Erode rural, Tamilnadu, India’, European Journal of Social Sciences November 2011, Vol. 25 Issue 2, pp.219-232.
  • ‘An empirical study on factors affecting work-life balance of IT professionals’, European Journal of Social Sciences 2012, 31 No. 3,   pp.302-313.
  • ‘A study on buyers behavior in shifting retail formats with special reference to garment industry in Coimbatore city’, European Journal of Social Sciences Jan 2012, Vol. 28 Issue 2, pp.219-229.
  • ‘A study on buyers pleasure regarding multi-brand outlets with special reference to apparel industry in Coimbatore city – India’, European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences May 2012 , Issue 48 pp.53-63.
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  • ‘An empirical study on the influence of clearance sales shopping characteristics on store satisfaction and loyalty’, International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management, 2013, Vol 6, No. (2), pp. 207-226
  • ‘A study on troubles faced by the customers at MBOs (Multi-Brand Outlets) with special reference to garment industry in Coimbatore city – India ‘ , Intercontinental Journal of Marketing Research Review December 2014, Vol. 2 Issue 12 ISSN: 2321-0346(Online), 2347-1670(Print).
  • A study on reasons to choose MBOs for shopping with special reference to Ready to Wear Industry in Coimbatore city, Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing & Management Review 2015, Vol.4, Issue 1, pp. 68-74.
  • ‘Knowledge about Multi-Brand Outlets with special reference to Clothing Industry at Coimbatore city’, The International Journal of Business & Management 2015, Vol.3, Issue 1, 100–103.
Prof. Ms.P.Sangeetha
  • ‘A study on implementation of poka– yoke technique in improving the operational performance by reducing the rejection rate in the assembly line’, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 2018, Volume 119 No. 17 2018, 2177-2191 ISSN: 1314-3395 (on-line version).
  • ‘Impact of Shared Leadership on Cross Functional Team Effectiveness with respect to manufacturing companies’, Journal of Management Research 2017. Vol. 18, No. 1, January-March 2018, pp. 44-55.
  • ‘A qualitative study on workplace stress in staff augmenting & consulting firms ‘ Intercontinental Journal of Human Resource Research Review 2016. ISSN No 2320-9704 Volume 4, Issue 12, December 2016, Pg No: 66-79.
  • ‘Building Cross functional teams using various internal factors: Impact on effective functioning of team members’, Intercontinental Journal of Human Resource Management 2015. ISSN No. 2350-0859, Volume II, Issue 12, December 2015.
  • ‘Empirical study on Training needs identification in a casting company’, European Journal of Commerce and Management Research 2015. ISSN no: 2051-8080, Issue 1,. Pg no: 131-137.
  • ‘Study on evaluation of employee training and development in pump manufacturing organization’ Journal of Management and Science 2014, ISSN No. 2249-1260, Issue 14, Volume 4, Pg No. 68-78.
  • ‘A Study on Performance effect of the Balanced Scorecard Practices’. An Empirical Study in International Journal of Business Intelligence and Innovations 2014. ISSN No: 23484705, September 2014, Volume 1. Pg No. 27-30.
  • An empirical study on Impact of employee’s perception towards performance management system on employee motivation and job commitment’, International Academic Research Journal of Business and Management Dec. 2013. ISSN No: 2227-1287, Pg No: 20-34, Volume No. 2 Issue No.7.
Dr. J.J.Savithri
  • ‘A study on the relationship between Leader Member Exchange and Organizational Commitment’, IOSR Journal of Business and Management Oct. 2018, Vol.20 (8)
  • ‘Social Media habits and preferences among students and working professionals’  International Journal for Exclusive Management Research 2017, Vol.7 (3).
  • Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Academic Procrastination’ , Commerce and Management – A Modern Perspective, Edited Volume Book, 2015
  • A study on the Interactive Effect of Personality and Employee Engagement on Organizational Citizenship Behavior’, Indian Journal of Research Feb. 2015, 4(2), , pp. 49-53
  • ‘Interactive Effect of Academic Procrastination and Academic Performance on Life Satisfaction’, International Journal of Science and Research 2014 (Online), 3(3), March, 2014.
  • ‘A study on the impact of Organizational commitment on Organizational Citizenship Behaviour’, Intercontinental Journal of Human Resource Research Review Oct. 2013, 1(8), pp. 37-48
  • ‘Emotional Intelligence in relation to stress in the workplace’ , International Journal of Business Administration and Management 2013, 3(1), pp.35-45.
  • ‘A study on stress level and its influencing factors among female teachers in self-Financing colleges’ , Indian Journal of Management, November 2012.
  • Achieving Job Excellence through Emotional Intelligence’, RVS Journal of Management 2010,  Volume III, No.2.