The Power Of Listening

A sales professional was waiting to meet a customer with whom he had fixed an appointment. He had done an excellent pre-call planning by penning it down in a piece of paper and had a glance of all his products which he intended to promote.

The customer met the sales professional and raises a concern about one of the products he was using. For the sales professional it was something he never expected because he was prepared for something else.

When the customer was raising the concern to him, he was constantly thinking as to how to defend the customer to prove to him his product was the best, rather than listening to the customer’s concern.

At the end the customer was looking at some solution to be provided by him. But on the contrary the sales professional had poorly listened to the customer and instead he was defending the customer trying to promote his product .

In sales or service industry we encounter such situations day in and day out, we need to remember that when we meet a customer we have to first listen to him because, we don’t know what the customer has planned for us.
Listening and providing solution to customer can help in getting more deals closed and also in strengthening our relationship for a long standing association.

Happy listening…..