Lexical Addition – Doomscrolling & Doomsurfing

The Covid 19 pandemic has brought the world to its knees. In consequence, it brought about huge shifts in our way of life and also altered the lifestyle of people. The human race is experienced in transforming challenges into opportunities. Hopefully, this crisis will also be used to recreate something new and more humane.

The First major change Covid has brought in is the shift from offline to online in everything especially traditional, face to face teaching learning to online virtual mode. The surge in sign up for online courses is greater than ever. The Second major fact is personal hygiene. Washing hands, sanitizing things before use and wearing mask while going out has become a habit. The third major change that has become a part of our life is working from home.

In this uncertain situation there are so many things happening around and we cannot stop ourselves from paying attention to certain sad or bad news though it may be depressing. This gave birth to the words “Doomsurfing” and “Doomscrolling” additions to the dictionary.

What do they mean?


The meaning of the word Doom is: death, destruction, or some other terrible fate

Usage: She had a sense of impending doom (felt that something very bad was going to happen).

This word doomsurfing existed in practice but not in this name before the COVID-19. It’s not just about the virus, though: People can doomsurf through news about racial injustice, the unemployment rate and about a flight crash etc. Basically, if the news is bad or depressing and we are looking out for it in online then that is doomsurfing.


Definitely many of us are searching for this news on our phones either through news app or social media feeds and that’s why a another new word coexisted with doomsurfing, doomscrolling

Doomscrolling & Doomsurfing – How bad is it?!

Automatically scrolling or surfing negative news which may harm us physically & mentally. In the evolution of mankind scrolling too much into bad news may give us strength to control that news but predominantly it makes us feel extra anxious, depressed and isolated.

How to keep away from it?!

We should be very cautious in what we are searching and more importantly thinking positive will keep us relaxed, despite the efforts if we still have the feeling of hopelessness then we could probably try to get out of this habit of scrolling as soon as possible.
We could try to limit the time we spend on scrolling the phone or surfing the net for these kinds of news. Training the mind to look for positive things around can eventually keep us away from the negative sensations.

Though this global pandemic has created a scenario where we have to stay tuned to get updates regularly and also to be aware of things going round we have to keep in my mind that “Too much of anything is good for nothing”.

“Eat Healthy, Think Healthy, Read Healthy and Stay Positive that is how we Stay Safe and Healthy”.