Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


DJAME is driven to be one of the most preferred destinations for quality Management education in the country. It will achieve this vision by establishing a culture that promotes quality, ethical business behavior and social responsibility.


DJAME’s Mission is to provide Management Education that is of high-quality, ethical and socially responsible. To accomplish its Mission, our faculty, infrastructure and teaching methods are designed to create an intellectual and collaborative atmosphere for students in which well-rounded business leaders of the future will emerge.

DJAME will deliver the mission by

1. Maintaining a high-quality body of faculty with

  1. World-class teaching skills suited to customized learning and the use of experiential and analytic approaches. These skills are kept up to date through year-round professional development, rigorous research requirements and training in technologically-enhanced teaching methods

  2. Collaborative skills that are sharpened by interactions from the Classroom to the Boardroom.

  3. A deep understanding of how Entrepreneurship and Innovation are co-developed

  4. Wide experience of the public policy implications of the business environment

2. Providing a sophisticated infrastructure for learning, including a digital academic management system, high-speed and open connectivity, digital libraries, a media lab, and industry collaborations through Centres of Excellence.