As the Indian economy expands rapidly, Management education has become increasingly relevant to the growth needs of our society. It is essential today that Business Managers, the knowledge nucleus of any organisation, be equipped with contemporary knowledge and tools that enable them to constantly strategize for success.

DJAME was born out of our firm belief that good management education has the ability to build character, increase the strength of mind, enlarge the intellect and empower one to stand on one’s own feet. With dedicated teachers and excellent infrastructure, DJAME helps students to realise their potential and evolve as successful individuals.

On this note, I would like to welcome you all to DJAME this new academic year and sincerely hope that it brings you more knowledge and skill.

CMD, Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd.
Chairman, GKD Charity Trust


The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for an individual to invent and discover. The future progress of our country depends on our society’s ability to develop and instill expertise, excellence and discipline within the younger generation. While education has the power to transform the society, management education has the power to enable the society to sustain and create new avenues for progress.

With this thought in mind, DJAME was founded with a vision to empower young minds with the required knowledge and skill sets that would enable them to succeed amidst adversity.  Today, DJAME offers facilities and an education system that promises to make a student’s learning experience both contemporary and effortless.

Welcome to DJAME and hope that all your dreams and aspirations come true this new academic year.


                                                            Dr. LALITHA DEVI S JAYAVARTHANAVELU
Managing Trustee, GKD Charity Trust