“Great to be here amidst enthusiastic students.  Amazed by the campus and sincere faculty. Wishing the students all the best!”
– Sri L R Shivakumar, Sr. Vice President – Merchandising, Walmart India, Gurgaon.

“Excellently organised. Kudos Dr. You have an intelligent group of students! Keep up the good work!”
– Sri Stan Titus, Head – Business Development, Pinnacle Seven Technologies, Coimbatore

“Good grasping capability of the students; questions were to the point & clear which I liked very much. Students are very enthusiastic & willing to learn. Basic understanding of the subjects taught seems very good. I wish them a lot of success in their career”
–  Sri Sushanta Pattnaik, CEO, Lakshmi Ring Travellers (Coimbatore) Limited, Coimbatore

“I am delighted to visit the Academy. Great ambitions and very sensible plans in the making for the future; and with the quality of talent at the Academy and the support of the promoters, I have every confidence DJAME will find its place amongst the great Management Institutions of the world!”
– Dr Mukund Rajan, Former Chief Ethics Officer & Brand Custodian, Tata Group, Mumbai

“Great Institute. Great Students. Enjoyed the interaction. Thanks for the opportunity. Best wishes!”
– Sri R Mahalingam, Airport Director, Airports Authority of India, Coimbatore International Airport, Coimbatore

“Very knowledgeable students & faculty. Superb interaction. All the best to the students!”
– Sri M Rasappan, DGM-HRD, Lakshmi Machine Works Limited, Coimbatore

“Fantastic Session. Interactive students. Audience added more value”
– Sri C R Shiv Kumaran, Company Secretary, Lakshmi Machine Works Limited, Coimbatore

“Good cultured students. Institute has good reputation in Coimbatore Region. I wish it becomes No.1 in this region or within 10 ranks in India”
– Sri C Palani, Group Head – HR, Lakshmi Electrical Control Systems Limited, Coimbatore

“Very interesting & interactive session. Moderator did her part well. Nice to see other college students participation. Congratulate the Management for this Industry, Academic & Students interaction which is the need of the hour” – Sri C B Chandrasekar, Chief Financial Officer, Lakshmi Machine Works Limited, Coimbatore “It was very nice to be associated. The initiative for the seminar was good and program was well coordinated & organised” – Sri S A Gopalakrishnan, Director-Finance, Pricol Corporate Services, Coimbatore “It was very nice to be here today and an excellent interactive session. I would like to place my sincere appreciation and wishes to the Management, Faculty Members and Students” – Sri K Ravi, Sr.Vice President – Finance, Roots Group of Companies, Coimbatore

“Good Initiative. Nice arrangements. Students concentration during the session was Good. They interacted well. Nice hospitality as well” – Sri N Raceendran, Chief Information Officer, Sakthi Finance Limited / ABT Foods Limited, Coimbatore

“Good Experience and attentive audience. Each one looked having aspirations to grow in their lives but certainly expects a hand holding with trust and acceptance” – Sri T V Suryanarayanan, Head-HR, S P Apparels Limited, Coimbatore

“It was a great opportunity to interact with the D J Academy MBA students. I wish the Institution all the best in the future for its growth” – Sri Ashwin Chandran, Chairman & Managing Director, Precot Meridian Limited, Coimbatore

“Good Place. Seek association on lasting basis” – Dr L Jayarangan, Start-Up Consultant, Coimbatore – 6th October 2018

“Wonderful experience with very interactive students” – Sri V Senthil Kumar, Managing Director, Propel Industries Pvt. Limited, Coimbatore – 28th September 2018

“Diverse mix of students. It was an interactive session with good knowledge sharing experience” – Sri R Dilip Kumar, Senior Manager – IT, Lakshmi Machine Works Limited, Coimbatore – 22nd September 2018

“Had a very engaging interaction with the energetic team of our Institute comprising of students, teachers and staff. The impeccability of the campus is very impressive and look forward to more engagement and collaboration with this great Institute with vision” – Dr Arunaagiri Mudaaliar, Chairman & Chief Mentor, E Cube India (Pvt) Limited, Mumbai – 19th September 2018

“Good Ambiance & Hospitality. The engagement of the students is noteworthy. Enjoyed the session as it was interactive. Prayers and wishes for future endeavours” –  Sri Biju Velayudhan, Director – Operations, GKNMH, Coimbatore – 29th August 2018

“I am impressed with the students’ enthusiasm and active participation. Most of them have good creative bent of mind which can be nurtured further. I wish the best for DJAME” –  Prof S Balaram, Dean, D J Academy of Design, Coimbatore – 23rd August 2018

“A very privileged experience to be at DJAME. You have a unique environment of business and design and industry which you must leverage on. Thanks to the Management and Leadership at DJAME” –  Prof V Mohan Chandra, Dean – Business Design & Innovation, Prin.L.N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Bengaluru – 12th August 2018