Value-added Offerings

Value-added Offerings

Unique Value-added Courses / Workshops /Assignments

The DJAME MBA has additional features that set it apart from the MBA programme of similar institutions and keeps changing to keep pace with changing demands. The value-added offerings proposed for the batch of students to be admitted in 2017 include the following:-

Written Case Analysis

The aim of this course, which resembles the famed Written Analysis and Communication course of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad, is to help students become skilled in applying text-book learning to solve real-life management problems. The course relies entirely on the case-method of instruction and would be delivered by a faculty member with many years of experience in the case method of instruction.

Because this course aims to build in students a key managerial skill, viz. the ability to arrive at well thought-out and cogently argued decisions, it would be of immense relevance to students and would likely be recalled by them long after graduation.

Business Hour

At DJAME, every week, students meet in their class-rooms at specific time slots and under the guidance of a senior faculty member to discuss a business issue of topical interest. (This has come to be popularly known as the “Business Hour” and hence the name of the course). The course helps boost students’ current awareness of the world of business. Students who had undergone the course have reported rich dividends in the shape of prizes in inter b-school competitions and heightened performances in placement interviews.

Workshop on Interviews & Presentations

Interviewing successfully requires more than dressing properly, exhibiting the right manners and preparing for likely questions. This workshop in the second year of students would help student to correctly assess the interviewer’s requirements and show-case their knowledge, skills, attitudes and traits in such a way as to elicit a favourable response.

Corporate Assignments

Students at DJAME get to work short duration, live tasks in organisations under the guidance of a faculty member or a manager from the organisation concerned. These assignments provide students with real-time exposure to organisational processes and work-pressures and help get them thinking about what it would take to be a successful manager and how to equip themselves suitably.

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