“Triple I ” Initiative Gets Underway : Mr.Chandrasekhar of LMW Addresses Students

In an effort to promote transfer of knowledge about the latest management practices from LMW Ltd to the institute on the one hand and about cutting-edge concepts and tools and techniques in the field of management theory from the institute to LMW on the other, an effort called “Industry-Institute-Interface activities” or “triple I” activities had been planned for launch from July 2017 onward. These activities would:
a) involve senior MBA students in Semester III and Semester IV
b) would be held during July-October and January- March respectively
c) would comprise guest lectures, workshops and live assignments

A range of topics have identified for this initiative including;

  • Experience Sharing : “Change is the only Constant”
  • Balance Scorecard
  • Marketing Strategies of LMW
  • Activity based Costing
  • ACME
  • IPR Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Total Quality Management
  • Strategic Cost management
  • Innovation Management

The initiative got underway on July 20, 2017 when Sri C.B. Chandrasekar, Chief Financial Officer, LMW addressed students on “Change: The only constant”. He shared his experience with the LMW group companies from the time he joined as a Management  Trainee till he became the Chief Financial Officer of Lakshmi Machine Works Limited. He dwelt on turning around a company and the hardships of fund raising  and also the life lessons that he learnt. He described how working in LMW taught him the value of perseverance, hard work and domain knowledge .

Mr. Chandrasekar explained how his experience had made him realise that  change is the only constant and cited the frequent changes that take place in the legal & regulatory systems and the dearth of knowledgeable persons in those areas. He called upon students to adapt to the changes to survive in today’s environment.

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