Alumni Interaction Series : Mr. Ganesh Sankar, CEO, RPFIO Software, USA Addresses Students

In August 23, 2017 Mr. Ganesh Shankar, Alumnus of the Class of 2005 visited his Alma Mater and addressed students.  Ganesh started his career as a management trainee selling Demat account . After the subprime crisis he shifted his job since the equity market fell down substantially and the investors were wary to invest in stock market. He later worked for a software company and  is now the CEO of Rfpio software. His company is based in US.

In his address to the students, Ganesh Shankar touched upon the ease and advantage of setting up a company in the US,  the two types of payment models – one time fee and subscription –  followed by software companies and the superiority of  the subscriber model ( which incidentally was the model followed by  Google,and Whatsapp etc. Highlighting team spirit as  the main reason for his business venture’s success , he exhorted students to be team-players and work in organisations and gain insights before venturing into any business.

Ganesh also reminisced about his student days, especially about his difficulties with the English language which he was able to overcome with the help of faculty members.

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