Alumni Interaction Series Gets Underway: Mr. Murali Krishna with DJAME students

Mr. C,G, Murali Krishna C.G an Alumnus of the Class of 2010 who is now  Senior Executiveand Tamilnadu Distribution Head, Samsonite South Asia Private Limited addressed the II MBA students on 03.07.2017. He started his career as a Sales In-charge in Britannia India Limited and shifted to HUL as Territory Sales officer and is now working for Samsonite South Asia Private Limited. He has over seven years of experience in Sales & Distribution field.

He discussed the importance of channel in Indian scenario. He explained the various channel intermediaries and how these intermediaries are eliminated by cash & carry businesses. He emphasized the role of salesmen even though there are abundant advancement in modern technologies for order procurement & processing. He feels that the Indian customers always prefer to have a touch & feel experience provided by the salesman and so the demand for salesmen will continue like before.

He also discussed his experience as a salesman and how a salesman should learn, unlearn and relearn the skills. He also said that the important quality of any salesman is convincing skill. As a salesman first one has to convince himself, convince the team, convince the retailer and convince the customer to sell the product.

He discussed the two strategies followed by companies to sell the products. The first strategy is to focus on the quality and the second strategy is to focus on advertising and sales promotion. He said companies will resort to either of these strategies. He also discussed how & why Tamilnadu market is preferred by companies to test market their products.

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