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LMW - Lakshmi Machine Works
One of India's well known business conglomerate with diverse business interest in and around the textile industry, the Lakshmi Machine Works is a pride of Coimbatore. With its strong and diverse business footing, understanding of the corporate world, DJ Academy was a endeavor to bring to the students of India a nurturing ground that fosters their abilities, prepares them for the challenges they are to take up in the corporate world.

Founder - Cavalier Dr. G. K. Devarajulu  

Cavalier Dr. G. K. Devarajulu was a legend in his own lifetime. Entrepreneur, Industrialist, Visionary, Diplomat and Philanthropist, GKD as he was affectionately called was a colossus who strode a period of history when Indian industry was at a fledgling stage and lived to see it firmly entrenched on the industrial map of the world. In fact it is widely believed that the emergence of Coimbatore as an industrial city is largely on account of his efforts. LMW is his legacy for all of us, even as our lives continue to be touched by its far reaching influence – every day. LMW today stands as a symbol of growth and Global entrepreneurship.

Ex-Chairman - Dr. D. Jayavarthanavelu

ex-chairmanFounder Managing Trustee, GKD Charity Trust.

Ex – Chairman & Managing Director, Lakshmi Machine Works Limited.

My experience tells me the most valuable long-term investment anyone can make is not in stocks or bonds or real estate, but in higher education – which has always been the key to our distinctive record of economic opportunity and social mobility. At DJAME, we equip students to measure up and stay relevant to the ever-evolving business environment. And we do it by contributing to their complete development not only as astute, competent business people but as caring, concerned individuals committed to the community they are part of and by extension of the world.

Secretary - Sanjay Jayavarthanavelu

secretaryTrustee – GKD Charity Trust,

Chairman & Managing Director – LMW.

I take pride in introducing DJAME to you and also welcome you to this prestigious institution. DJ Academy for Managerial Excellence is promoted by the GKD Charity Trust, Coimbatore. Our institution is committed to create business management professionals who could play a pivotal role in their respective fields. DJ Academy transforms students into highly qualified professionals who have the expertise to identify and explore opportunities and thereby become an invaluable asset to the society.

Today’s global milieu is steered by technology and is paving way for a host of changes in everyone’s life. It is imperative for the management and IT professionals to hone their skills and update their knowledge in order to grow and sustain in the ever growing competitive as well as demanding business world.

We provide our students with a deep understanding of such phenomena as globalization, leadership and innovation without compromising on personal ethics and cultural values. The need of the hour is to create uniqueness in all the spheres of life of the students through reinforcement of discipline, development of soft skills and constant updating of knowledge.

The world has become very competitive and demanding. It has become impatient. You have to prove yourself worthy in a short period. We want our students to think critically, decide wisely, communicate clearly and implement effectively.

I am sure that the young executives and technocrats will acquire the best of knowledge and training offered at DJAME. Wishing you all a pleasant stay and happy learning.

Director - Dr. N. Prem Anand

principalDirector - DJ Academy for Managerial Excellence.

The environment for business and enterprise constantly undergoes change and realignment. The task of aligning corporate strategy and organizational capabilities with markets to maintain competitive advantage rests on shoulders of well trained and skilled knowledge workers. We at DJAME are aware of this and leave no stone unturned to provide industry with committed and talented business management and computer application professionals.

DJAME prepares candidates with diverse sets of skills. The forte of our programme is its formulation to meet the needs of business and industry with a judicious mix of theory and practice. This has helped our students to adroitly adapt to changing trends.

Excellence is a way of life at DJAME. Our curriculum goes beyond the analytical and decision making process involved in formulating and implementing strategies, and into developing the skills for managing the profitable businesses. At DJAME we give students the opportunity to flex their intellectual muscles apart from their academic work.

Each Student of DJAME is groomed by experienced and enterprising faculty members in a culture of value-based learning. I am sure our students will prove their mettle in their place of work.