Ramesh Nair
National Sales Manager (Modern
Retail) @ GM Pens (Reynolds)

” DJAME…. the best phases in my life happened here!! DJAME has played a transformational role in my life. It began the moment we set our foot on the campus, and it continued to shape who we are today. “

Territory Development Manager
@ Pepsico India Pvt Ltd

” The meticulous and exceptional practical training and the encouragement from the faculty to expand my horizons with respect to both academics and life has helped to place me on a promising Career path. “

Sasikumar V S
Country Manager, South Africa
@ CRI Pumps (Pvt) Ltd

” DJAME is a Temple of learning and it has indeed moulded me to be competitive DJAME is a well-deserved experience for an aspirant who wants to be part of the highly competitive environment. “

Shankar N
Senior officer Finance @ Elgi

” The education and experience that I gained from DJAME allowed an easy, smooth, and rewarding transition in my career. The competency and the professionalism of the Professors were nothing less than outstanding. “

Arumugha Balaji
Managing Director @ Tic Tac Toe
Brush Makers

” An MBA from DJAME is a simulator program which gave me 2 years of corporate experience which now helps me in running my business with ease. “

Kunal Valecha
Executive Officer @ Confederation
of Indian Industry

” It’s because of DJAME and its experienced and committed faculty I am what I am today. The two years spent at the academy was a major learning curve in my life. I will be grateful to them all my life for grooming me into a true professional. “

Officer HRD @ LMW

” The top notch education I received from DJAME has transformed and defined my personal and professional life. “


” I leaped from the last bench of my classroom at DJAME to an HR position at CTS. I attribute my escalation in my career to my alma mater. “

Murugesa Pandi
Sr. Executive Sales @ Seimens

” I would like to thank DJAME and my faculty members for all that they did to make my dreams come true. “

Karthick B R
Associate VP @ HSBC

” Excellent faculty and their approach to teaching – learning has prepared me with a strong academic foundation and invaluable practical knowledge. “

Karthikeyan S
Business Tax Analyst @ EY

” The 2 years I spent in DJAME, the intel­lec­tual chal­lenges I experienced were both trans­forming and lasting. “

Padmapreethika R
Managing Partner @ Jus’bon

” DJAME gave me the toolset to effect a positive change in my life. Thanks to the learning process that nurtured my skills to chase my entrepreneurial dreams. “